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Dr Vivek Jain PSM

HYPER - High Yield Points for Examination Review

Dr Vivek Jain, 1st Edition, J.S. Publishers & Distributors

‘Understanding PSM is difficult, owing to the vastness of the subject, but enjoyable, if you come across a good teacher and a useful book!’

A student

Background Key changes in PGMEE Examinations in India since 2011-12, besides more focus on Fact-based questions, includes more emphasis on One-liner questions, and Image Based Questions (IBQs). And, as evident through Recent Examinations in India, these Fact-based, Objective-pattern MCQs form the backbone of all PGMEEs in India (especially NBE AIPG, NBE DNB, AIIMS, PGI., JIPMER State PGMEEs, NBE FMGE, Medical Officer Examinations, Dental PGMEE and Other Examinations).

Keeping this in mind, I have written HYPER – High Yielding Points for Examination Review. I’m looking at HYPER to serve as a ONE-STOP Junction for all 20 Subjects MCQs covered in Entrance Examinations during Last 5 years

Book layout

  • HYPER gives all MCQs as ‘One-liner High Yield Revision Points’
    • All MCQ points given along with Examination name and year
    • All MCQ points designed as per Latest Examinations Pattern
    • Latest Topics asked during 2014-19 have been included
  • HYPER covers All MCQs of Last 5 years (2014-2019)
    • AIIMS (May 2014 – May 2019)
    • NBE NEET PG All India Pattern (December 2014 – January 2019)
    • NBE DNB Pattern (November 2014 – December 2018)
    • PGI Chandigarh (November 2014 – November 2018)
    • JIPMER Puducherry (November 2014 – December 2018)
  • HYPER includes all 20 subjects asked in PGMEEs (2014-2019)
    • All 20 Subjects are arranged Topic-wise ease of learning and comprehension
    • Overlapping of topics has been avoided (For example, if Oncology has been covered in Pathology, its not repeated in Surgery!)
  • HYPER includes all Image Based Questions ‘IBQs’ (2014-2019)
    • All Instruments/ X-rays/ Microscopy slides/ Other Radiology films/ ECGs/ Clinical questions 2014-2019 included in IBQs
  • HYPER is a Useful Template for Comprehensive Revision of Whole Course!
    • Coverage of whole book will help you cover whole course all-together!

Book Availability

All online platforms:

  • Medical Bookstore: Jain Stationery, Gautam Nagar, Delhi (+91-9999508148)