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Dr Vivek Jain PSM

PHOTON-20® (Image Based Questions)

Dr Vivek Jain, 3rd Edition, CBS Publishers

‘Understanding PSM is difficult, owing to the vastness of the subject, but enjoyable, if you come across a good teacher and a useful book!’

A student

Background One of the key changes in PGME and even UG Examinations in India since 2011-12, besides more focus on Fact-based questions and One-liner questions, has been introduction of Image Based Questions (IBQs). And, as evident through Recent Examinations in India, IBQs’ proportion is on a gradual increase in all PGMEEs in India (especially AIIMS, APPG, NBE AIPG, NBE DNB, State PGMEEs, NBE FMGE, Medical Officer Examinations, Dental PGMEE and Other Examinations). PHOTON 20® – Image Based Questions is a ONE-STOP Junction for all 20 Subjects IBQs asked in Entrance Examinations.

Book layout

PHOTON-20® has been subdivided into 20 subjects of MBBS Professional course (Pre-clinical. Para-Clinical and Clinical subjects’ sections)

  • First & Only Comprehensive Book on IBQs for PGMEE in India:
  • Includes all 20 subjects asked in PGMEEs
  • All MCQs have been provided with Fully Explained Referenced Answers
  • All Subjects Reviewed by Subject-Specialists individually
  • Subject-wise and Topic-wise IBQs
  • Overlapping of topics has been avoided
  • Designed as per Latest Examinations Pattern
  • Standard textbooks have been used to identify important Images
  • Highest number of Instruments/ X-rays/ Clinical questions provided
  • Repository of all IBQs’ topics asked in PGMEE (2000-2018) with focus on 2012-18
  • Useful Template for Comprehensive Revision of Whole Course!

Third Edition – Key Features

  • New Section: ECG Analysis
  • Enhanced Image Size for better clarity and understanding
  • Latest Topics and MCQs asked (2017-18)
  • Includes 190+ Instruments, 150+ Microscopy slides, 140+ X-rays, 50+ other radiological films, 20+ ECGs

Book Availability

  • All Medical Bookstores in India