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Dr Vivek Jain PSM

Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates (Community Medicine)

Dr Vivek Jain, 3rd Edition, JayPee Medical Publishers

‘Understanding PSM is difficult, owing to the vastness of the subject, but enjoyable, if you come across a good teacher and a useful book!’

A student

Background While preparing for Community Medicine (PSM) in Undergraduate MBBS Professional Examinations, I realized that despite availability of standard textbooks and good teachers, there are lots of difficulties faced by students. Like every student, I faced a plethora of questions.

  • Regarding Theory Examinations: How to structure a Long Question? How much to write in Short note? How to write differences between? What about questions not given in text books or taught in class lectures?
  • Similarly for Practicals: How to prepare for Long Case/ Short Case/ Family presentation? Which topics to study and how to score maximum marks in Epidemiological-Statistical exercises? How to maximize marks during Spots exercise?
  • For Viva voce: What are the various questions that can be asked? How to answer precisely and correctly?

Community Medicine (PSM) is a vast and varied subject to conceptualize and memorize. Elaborate books also confused me regarding the relative importance of each topic in the subject. And as a Teaching Faculty today, I can understand the problems faced by students, in this important subject, much better. So, I decided to pen down ‘Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates (PMFU)’, keeping in mind students’ requirements and an examiner’s expectations during Examinations.

Book layout

  • Theory Chapters divided into topics and sub-topics based on questions asked during MBBS Professional Examinations in Medical Universities of India during last 20 years
  • Bullet-point wise theory in each topic and sub-topic
  • Several diagrams and images
  • ‘Examination Corner’ with Long Questions, Short Questions and Differences between asked in previous university examinations
  • Viva-voce questions with concise and precise answers
  • Practicals Section
    • Epidemiology/ Statistics/ Demography exercises with solutions
    • Family/ Long case/ Short case presentation with formats and examples
    • Spots exercise with Picture plates
  • Useful tips
  • Compendium of Annexures
  • NEW/ UPDATED Guidelines: New Biomedical Waste Management Guidelines 2016-17, New RNTCP Guidelines 2018-19, New WHO Rabies Vaccination Guidelines 2019, New MDT Guidelines 2019-20, Active Surveillance in Kala Azar, Diarrhoea Control Guidelines, Diphtheria Treatment Guidelines, New Goal Posts for HDI Calculation, New H1N1 Categorization Guidelines, New International Death Certificate Guidelines, New AFP Surveillance Indicators (NPEP) Guidelines, New BFHI Guidelines, New Revised Jones’ Criteria, Open Vial Policy 2015-16, New PN Visits Guidelines, New ARI Guidelines 2017-18, NEW BP Classification Guidelines 2017-18
  • NEW Health Programs, Policies and Legislations: Ayushman Bharat Program, Anemia Mukt Bharat Program, Swacch Bharat Mission, National Nutrition Mission (Poshan Abhiyan), NMC Bill 2017
  • NEW Initiatives: Accelerated Plan for Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis, New Initiatives in Family Planning, Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers, National Strategic Plan for Malaria Control in India (NVBDCP) 2017-22, Intensified Mission Indradhanush, MR Campaign, National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS 2017-24, Mission Parivar Vikas (MPV)
  • NEW Topics in Public Health: Tribal Health in India, Adjuvants in Vaccines, Contraception and Adolescence, Global Hunger Index, Health Index of India, ICD-11, IPV Vs f-IPV, Multidimensional Poverty Index (MDPI), Lifestyle Modifications to Manage Hypertension, TB & Co-morbidities, RotaVirus Vaccine, Newer Contraceptives
  • NEW Public Health Data: Recent Cancer Data 2019-20
  • NHP 2015-16, SDGs 2015-2030
  • Rural Health Statistics India 2018-19
  • An Updated compilation of Public Health Statistics of India 2019-20
  • Topper’s Edge: Tricky Short Notes in Recent Professional Examinations
  • Over 170+ new Images/ Diagrams added for improvised comprehension

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