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Dr Vivek Jain PSM

Self Assessment & Review of Preclinical Subjects – (PhyBiAn® Physiology-Biochemistry-Anatomy- Forensic Medicine)

Dr Vivek Jain, 5th Edition, JayPee Medical Publishers

‘Understanding PSM is difficult, owing to the vastness of the subject, but enjoyable, if you come across a good teacher and a useful book!’

A student

Background In any PG Entrance examination in India, FOUR MAJOR BASIC SUBECTS (PhyBiAn® with Forensic Medicine: Physiology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology) contribute around 20-22% of total paper which easily play a big role in qualification of a candidate. Also without scoring higher in this part, it becomes impossible to achieve success in most important step of your life. In my experience as a teacher, while preparing for PG Entrance Examinations, students face quite a lot of difficulty with PhyBiAn® with Forensic Medicine subjects.
  • Importance of Preclinical Subjects PhyBiAn®: These four subjects are considered BACKBONE of your preparation for any medical entrance examination in India. Besides being of scoring nature, their application in Medicine, Surgery, PSM, Pathology and other subjects make them vital-base to score good marks in para-clinical and clinical parts too. I may sound too harsh, but attempting PG Entrance examination without PhyBiAn® subjects is invitation for a disastrous result.
  • Paucity of time: Each of the 4 subjects is comprehensive and major in itself (good enough for keeping them in First & Second Professional of MBBS course everywhere on planet). Due to limited time during PG Entrance examination preparation, students are not able to devote a lot of time to theory of Preclinical Subjects PhyBiAn® subjects as they can do for major subjects of Medicine, Surgery and PSM.
  • Unavailability of NBE-specific books: All books available in the market for Preclinical Subjects PhyBiAn® are based on older examination pattern MCQs with high-difficulty-level questions and extremely detailed explanations. In contrast, Recent examinations have started focusing on concept-based basic questions only mostly in form of short MCQs. So these books end up wasting crucial time of students.
  Keeping this in mind, I have written this book considering a student’s invaluable time, requirements, and a result-oriented approach.

Book layout

Each Preclinical Subjects PhyBiAn® subject has been subdivided into sub-sections,
  • Theoretical concepts: Brief, concise yet comprehensive, arranged topic and sub-topic wise
    • NBE MCQs and potential MCQs marked asQ
    • Images and diagrams integrated
  • Image based questions (IBQs): Based on Recent Examinations
  • PG/ DNB/ MO/ FMGE MCQs (1991–2017): Topic and sub-topic wise, fully explained referenced answers
  • Annexure: High yield topics in tabular form
  • Golden points: Most frequently asked MCQs

Fifth Edition – Key Features

  • First Pre-clinical PGMEE book in India to be Reviewed by individual subject-specialists, well known experienced faculty from premier institutions of the country
  • 250 NEW Images added
  • ALL MCQs in Market with Explained, Referenced Answers
  • High yield Tables and Mnemonics for easy memorization
  • Differential Diagnosis for tackling challenging clinical MCQs

Book Availability

  • All Medical Bookstores in India